This is your brain on Design - Workshop

Dr. Shealy co-hosted a workshop at the Design Computing and Cognition Conference 2020.

The workshop presented the current state of research related to design neurocognition and together workshop attendees collectively discussed the challenges and direction for design neurocognition in the future.

Laura Hay, University of Strathclyde, Julie Milovanovic, AAU-CRENAU, Graduate School of Architecture Nantes, Sonia Vieira, Politecnico di Milano, and Yong Zeng, Concordia University gave a series of mini-presentations. They also answered questions from attendees. Questions included:

• What methods from neurocognition are being used to study design? • What advanced data analysis techniques are useful to understand design? • What challenges persist with methods and techniques? • What questions about design can neurocognition help answer?

Workshop participants left with a better understanding of the current state of design neurocognition research related to the methods being used, neuroimaging instruments, advanced data analysis techniques, and how neurocognition is contributing to design theory and practice. More importantly, we all left with a larger network of researchers studying design neurocognition and with new ideas about the future possibilities for design neurocognition in research and practice.